Geocare Healthcare Services

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GeoCare – Innovative IT enabled Healthcare services

GeoCare is a revolutionary new approach to Healthcare in Pune. Large number of IT savvy Doctors & patients are adopting GeoCare’s approach that use latests technologies to simplify healthcare.
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We maintain Personal & Electronic Health Records for customers with detailed medical, allergies, drugs & lifestyle history with privacy and anonymous options. Our Intelligent system include Care programs recommended by Doctors that help our customers manage their illness effectively.

We offer comprehensive healthcare services with 24×7 call center, Online electronic health  records, Revolutionary healthcare tools and Expert doctors and an infrastructure that is better then any other healthcare system in India.


  • Quality Healthcare Services
  • Best network of Doctors, Clinics, Labs & Hospitals
  • Online healthcare records with continuous monitoring & advice
  • 24×7 Call Center, online booking & payment
  • Comprehensive end to end health management
  • ISO9001:2008 Quality Certified